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Group Lessons

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Little Cub

Young skiers' program for ages 4-5. Engaging and fun with a focus on comfort and enjoyment. | Little Cubs caters to the youngest skiers, ages 4-5, emphasizing a happy and engaged learning environment with a low student-to-instructor ratio. Grouped by ability level, this program is designed to make the first years of skiing enjoyable and comfortable, with breaks as needed. Lessons are at 10:00am and 2:00pm, and children must be toilet-trained to participate. Rentals and lift access are not included; please arrange these services in advance and arrive for fitting by 9:00am.

Big Cub

Fun and educational ski lessons for kids 6-12. Personal attention in a group setting. | Specifically designed for kids aged 6-12, our Big Cubs program provides personal instruction within a fun and educational group environment. Half Day lessons are 3 hours and Full Day lessons extend to 6 hours, which include lunch. Lessons commence at 10am and 2pm. Please remember that rentals and lift access are separate from the lesson price, and fittings for rentals need to be booked in advance and completed before 9:00am.

Teen Group Lesson

Teen ski adventure for all levels. Unlock skills and passion for the mountain terrain. | The Teen Escape Experience is a comprehensive program for teens aged 13-17, offering a chance to explore and progress in skiing across Alyeska's terrain. This guided learning experience is tailored to individual skills, interests, and current weather conditions, with a focus on unlocking the full potential of the mountain's 1610 acres. The program runs from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., including lunch. Class sizes average six to eight students for personalized attention. Rentals and lift access are not included; book in advance for a 9:00am fitting.

Adult Group Lesson

Improve your skiing with Max 4's small-group lessons. Personalized coaching for skill enhancement. | Our unique Max 4 lessons offer an intimate group setting for a maximum of four students, focusing on constructive techniques for all skill levels. Half Day lessons last 3 hours, and Full Day Lessons are 6 hours, catering from first-timer to advanced skiers and riders. Lessons begin at 10am and 2pm. Note that rentals and lift access are separate from the lesson fee. Please book rentals in advance and fit prior to 9:00am. This program is for adults, ages 18+.

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